Wyatt James

San Diego, CA
United States
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I'm available for Private, Group, Online, and Travel/Destination 's right take your personal yoga teacher, therapeutic massage, Emergency Dr, and chef right long with you while you travel.

In addition to the physical asana I can:

1. Teach alignment, anatomy, and the "medicine" of yoga for Teacher Trainings and retreats.

2. Provide structural assessments and structural energy therapeutic massage to correct and restore natural alignment. I can also help adjust your regular practice to limit injuries.

3. Teach and Cook Vegan/Gluten Free Thai meals.

My background as an Emergency Department Doctor brings a unique perspective to your practice. Teaching the science of what is happening in the body and mind, while practicing foundational, breath-initiated movements brings you into a whole new meditative and educational space. After spending 15 years treating people with life threatening injuries in the US and Australia, my goal now is guiding you to heal yourself, prevent injuries, lead a healthy life, and reach your fullest potential through simplicity.

I studied Ashtanga in Patnem, India but found my practice and inspiration in Rafael Espinosa’s, Conscious Hatha flow class in Ubud, Bali. I was physically challenged but my mind was no longer wandering from pose to pose and the meditation came to me in the stillness between movements. It was a technically simple class but so powerful.

My intention is to relay this experience in my own unique way and make it accessible to everyone. I do this by creating slow, strong, foundational forms and allowing space for advanced practitioners to explore their own expressions.

As TKV Desikachar said "I must create an atmosphere in my classes in which each student can find his or her own way to yoga. I have to realize that each of my students is not the same person today as they were yesterday, and not at all the same as when they came last week.”

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