Yael Ziv


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Yael has been practicing Yoga for thirty years and teaching for more than twenty. Her first yoga experience was during her studies at Brandeis University, Boston, Upon her return to Israel, during her studies for her Master's degree in Psychology at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, she met Orit Sen Gupta and became one of her first students.

Yael studied and practiced Yoga with Orit for 17 years. She participated in Dona Holleman's and Orit Sen Gupta's teachers' course at the Wingate Institute and was certified by both, the Wingate Institute and Dona Holleman's JYOTIM organization. During that time she completed her Psychology studies and began practicing Psychology and teaching Yoga.

Over the years, Yael has practiced with some of the leading internationally-known Yoga teachers in a variety of styles. Among these teachers are Dona Holleman, Particia Walden, Paul Harvey, David Swenson, Shandor Ramata, Andrei Siderski, Andrei Lappa, Dharma Mittra and many more.

Yael travels frequently to India to practice, study and meditate in an environment which enhances her Yoga practice.

She decided to leave her Psychology practice 10 years ago and to devote her entire time to her Yoga practice and teaching. Nowadays, Yael manages the Hatha-Raja Yoga center in Ra'anana, where classes on all levels are given to adults and children. Yael is also running a three year teachers' training course.
Yael's style of Yoga is based upon the most popular styles known in the West today. She combines and integrates them and exposes her students to a unified, yet diverse Yoga, closely attached to its origins. She focuses upon a practice imbued with meditative spirit, correct breathing, accurate alignment and flowing movement with deep awareness. Yael tries to expose her students to a Yoga that is a holistic and spiritual system, which is expressed through the body, mind and spirit.


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