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Yoga is medicine for the mind, body and soul…..

Yan is an experienced yoga teacher, trainer, workshop and immersion facilitator, former UK doctor and lifelong dedicated yogi.

After practicing yoga for over 17years, it has now become her healing tool and prescription to herself and her students.

She has led a full yogic and nomadic life since 2014, living from a place of inner truth and freedom.

Awareness is ankered and nurtured in the fully embodied flow of breath and movement; the gift of Vinyasa, a consciousness in action that can be practiced both on and off the mat.

Yan integrates her practice and knowledge of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, breathwork and meditation from beloved Masters around the world with a deep understanding of medicine, anatomy and physiology of the body, in all of her teaching and guidance.

She has traveled and taught yoga at numerous retreat centers, studios and teacher training programs around the world, always imparting her message from the heart, that all is well.

Yan teaches yoga to all abilities, all bodies, all minds, all hearts.

Dive in and deepen your practice with her on a 1 week mini intensive yoga immersion program course. More details on her bodhiniyoga website.

Private sessions, workshops and courses are also available for 1-8 persons. Get in touch for more information

"Yan is softly spoken, instantly approachable and full of warm and calming energy. Determined and focused, she is not easily discouraged and brings her absolute 100% to her practice, which reflects her dedication to teaching and sharing of her experiences. In Yan, you will find a deep sense of peace and contagious calmness."

Check out my bodhiniyoga facebook page for the latest yoga immersions and & yoga blog posts.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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