Yasmin Munla


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Yasmin was born into the chaos of the Lebanese civil war. Despite the external turmoil, she found that she was naturally drawn to the Eastern philosophies. Even as a young girl she devoured the books of sages and mystics and often dreamt of the Himalayan peaks.

In 2008 Yasmin took the Isha Inner Engineering meditation program. She mmediately knew she had found a precious gem and within one year she had taken all the programs that Isha offered in Lebanon. Although she loved the creativity of working in the film industry she found herself longing for something more fulfilling to do with her life. She realized she wanted to go from practicing yoga to becoming a yogi, and in 2012, Isha opened up the possibility for a 21 week, full-time residential Hata Yoga teacher training program at the foothills of the vibrant Velliangiri mountains in the Isha Yoga Center. Established by Sadhguru as a sacred space for self transformation, the Isha Yoga Center provides an atmosphere conducive for any spiritual seeker. The Center houses many elements that make it a place of tremendous energy and dynamism. Deeply touched by her experiences in this vibrant environment, naturally Yasmin felt the urge to share this boon with the world.

It is Sadhguru's vision to offer this ancient science in all its purity and make it available to every individual. Yasmin had dedicated her life to being an instrument in realizing this vision.
When Yasmin is not teaching yoga, she enjoys sitting with her eyes closed, getting drunk on the breath of life.

Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into what we are doing.

If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.


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