Ye Zhang

Phoenix, AZ
United States
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Ye is a certified yoga instructor, she is constantly exploring the world of movements with an open mind . She loves moving, watching people moving and listening to the universe inside moving. She is fascinated with our amazing body, she sees the body as "scientific art. She is always looking for the most natural and efficient way to move – how to use the least amount of effort to do the same movement! And this is also her focus in teaching. She continued studies in restorative, yin, pre and post-natal yoga and Yoga Thrive (therapeutic yoga for cancer survivors through University of Calgary).

She is also very passionate about other mind-body methods like Body-Mind Centering, Franklin Method, Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, biomechanics She recently studied functional anatomy with Eric Franklin (founder of Franklin Method) and Dynamic Observation with Amy Mathews (co-author of Yoga Anatomy). She is currently studying Embodied Anatomy with Amy.

"All sickness is homesickness; being in our body is being at home."