Yelena Staniszewska

Kingston upon Thames
United Kingdom

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What if helping your child to grow healthy self-esteem through deep connection to their bodies and minds would only take one hour a week? What if you could offer them the opportunity to appreciate and channel their energy in ways that will support them every single day? A chance to learn how to feel more grounded, focused and relaxed.

Yogiki Yoga Club is a fun-filled hour that your child will look forward to every week! While being immersed in nourishing and positive activities, kids will start developing skills that will help them throughout their lives. It is a safe and non-competitive environment for children to express themselves freely through yoga, using animated yoga poses and stretching exercises to develop strength, flexibility and coordination.
Kids will be gently guided to become more aware and confident of their bodies and proud of their beautiful uniqueness, therefore growing being positive, happy, and healthy.

Yelena, Yogiki Yoga Club founder, is a passionate and experienced yoga teacher and the proud mother of a very active 4 year old. She experienced firsthand how just a little time doing yoga every week can have a positive, radical impact on children. Yelena is fully certified, insured and DBS checked, she runs yoga workshops for children at various locations in Kingston upon Thames, Richmond and Kew including local schools.

If this sounds like something you’d love for your child, please get in touch with Yelena for more info and to book by sending an email to or by calling at 07807 064034.


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