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I am a certified Yoga teacher and aLife Balance Coach. Yoga has a long tradition in my family; I gained access to the intricacies of Asanas, Pranayam and Meditations early in my life. Based on my Indian yogic upbringing, European Studies as well as my stays in Maghreb and Africa, I have not only developed a special understanding of human behavior, but also the cultural diversity and the uniqueness of each individual. So, whether you are on a soul search, or confused before a big decision, trying to cope with a depression, burnout, fear, anxiety or a broken heart or you just need a friendly ear to listen. I can help you unlock you hidden potential and be the creator of your own reality.

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1 hr private Lesson70 €60 min   Book
4 Person 2 hr Group Lesson - 160140 €60 min   Book
4-6 Person 1 hr Group120 €60 min   Book

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