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Abhinam Yoga School differs with the current fashionable and popular presentation of yoga. We are committed to bring back the true essence of yoga which is reflected in Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and other yoga scriptures. Our aim is to make yoga teachers aware of the eight limbs of Astanga yoga.

We focus on the external practices such as Asanas, postures as well as the internal practices such as Dhyana, meditation and spiritual practices. In short, we want to present a holistic vision of yoga which addresses body, mind and our innermost being.

Abhinam Yoga is dedicated to bring yoga out of its current ‘do and die’ culture and train teachers worldwide who will be a helping factor in their student’s inner growth.

Abhinam Yoga perceives comparison as a form of violence, so the attitude of competition and comparison is strongly discouraged at our school. We provide a non-comparing and non-competitive environment for students. It helps them to relax and go deeper into their practice without any external pressure.

Our team of teachers consists of individuals who have been working in the field of yoga and meditation for many years. They have trained yoga in various styles, traditions and schools.