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Yog Sundari - Julia Anastasiou, is a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, face yoga super trainer, holistic and ayurvedic therapist based in London, England. Yog Sundari is known for her inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both eastern spiritual philosophy and western techniques for mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.

Yog Sundari’s journey within health and well-being began in 1994 in New York, as a Holistic Therapist. Since then she has studied and qualified in many different techniques and modalities. It is through her personal yogic practice that she has developed a balanced and inclusive style of yoga for all levels – allowing the students to flourish within their own practice and development …

Teaching Manifesto

As a yoga teacher my passion is to enlighten and heighten a nurturing flow of breath and create freedom in the body, mind, and spirit of my students. Integrating a vibrant sequential flow with the coordination of breath is an essential element of my teaching. Focusing on connecting the breath, the yoga class becomes a moving meditation, a dance of the inner self. Taking this one step further, I guide my students to investigate their true nature, honouring their own unique expression and explore how they are a small part of a universal tapestry, incorporating relaxation techniques in a positive and tranquil manner.

I encourage students to make personal choices during their yoga practice and develop skills to help them listen to their bodies. Leading my students to discover sensitive body awareness, establish a relationship with their breath, and encourage a compassionate and joyful attitude towards themselves and the world around them is my inspiration and mission as a yoga teacher.

Since 1994 when I began within the healing arts as a Holistic Therapist and an Ayurvedic Therapist these aspects dovetail beautifully and are an integral part of my teachings promoting the healing aspect of yoga. I strive to use eloquent language when I teach and value the beauty of clear communication as the key to greater understanding. I feel my responsibility as a teacher is to constantly investigate new ways to present the ancient teachings I am sharing with others, bringing healing mantras and the symbolism of the primordial elements into class, guiding students to explore the union between their mind, body and spirit and with this opens the door to self-discovery and illumination.

Professional Yoga & Meditation Experience

Yog Sundari is an E-RYT 500 hour (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

Chopra Center University

Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor – 100 hour

Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher – 200 hour

Yoga Campus
Sitaram Yoga Nidra Training Course – 100 hour

World Conscious Yoga Family

Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training – 500 hour

Akhanda Yoga

Classical Kundalini

Hatha Raja



Chair Yoga

Danielle Collins Face Yoga
Super Trainer – 100 hour

Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training Internship
Anand Prakash Ashram Rishikesh, India

Karam Kriya
Aquarian Kundalini

Womb Yoga - Well Woman Yoga Therapy
Uma Dinsmore Tuli


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

36 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga Teacher Training

Yog Sundari is one of the most generous and gifted teachers. I have learnt about YOGA, to unite. This has been a journey of the self to the self and an adventure into learning more than just how to move within a posture, how to breath, how to meditate. This course has given meaning to what yoga really is and Yog Sundari is the guide that illuminates the pathway.


With her own personal and continued learning and practice Yog Sundari shares so much wisdom with her students, through kindness, compassion, understanding and honesty, Yog Sundari teaches from her heart. I came into the Yoga Teacher Training after suffering a spinal injury. Yog Sundari allowed space for me to learn and grow at my own pace and within my body’s ability. I would encourage anyone, from someone who would like to teach yoga to someone who wanted to deepen their personal practice to enroll on the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training course. You will be transformed.
I will be forever grateful for what i have acquired personally, spiritually, mentally and physically from the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training. i can only say i am enriched.
I look forward to continuing my training with Yog Sundari

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Akhanda Yoga 200 hrs Teacher Training

Twelve of us started training with Yog Sundari
& so far have completed 3 weekends. It has been a magical journey in which we have learned so much about the power of Akhanda Yoga, chanting, meditation and the spiritual side of yoga. Our 2 teachers have been encouraging and hugely supportive.
The course material is so well structured and we have already covered so much...it is a journey of a lifetime to reap the benefits. Towards the end of the course we spend a week in India in an Ashram with Yogi Vishvketu.
I cannot recommend this course too highly!

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Beyond any expectations

Same time last year I graduated 200 YTT Course in India, where Yog Sundari took a role of a SUPERior Teacher, Godness, Mama Bear - looking after 32 of us, students(cups), in the Ashram. I have never experienced having such a dedicated, empathetic, clever, academic and trully loving Teacher - with a Capital T, puttig her heart and soul into teachings, being always approachable and caring.


She is what we all needed being away from our friends and family in an intense course, taking the best care of us and ensuring she prepares the best teachers (whatever it took.... rituals, heart on heart chats, sleepless nights... ) enlighting everyone's strengths and helping to work on weaknesses.
Yog Sundari is living and breathing Yoga Life, hence it is an honour to listen to her speaking the words of wisdom, blended with a great sense of natural spontaneos humour!
I also went for a Yin Yoga 50 hr Intense Couse this year in London, where she took us to a little world and life of India. Another wonderful training which felt to be one of the best decisions I have ever made - not only because of the Certificate and ability to teach Yin Yoga, but also because of the personal spiritual experiences gained because of Yog Sundari. Which other Teacher would apply her personal Gongs into practices, shower students with many advanced medition techniques, which we all had a delicious taste of!?
Thank you for my experiences and knowledge gained through you Yog Sundari ? You are trully very Special - with a capital S ?????????

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Awesome ????

Yog Sundari is an outstanding teacher.
Whether it is a Hatha, Kundalini, Yin class, workshop or retreat this lady is awesome.

A total embodiment of the divine you will leave feeling so inspired and connected.

You rock lady ???✨?

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Amazing teacher

Yog Sundari’s Kundalini Yoga took me through a beautiful journey of self discovery and love. The exercises and chants were uplifting and inspirational. I highly recommend her class.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The best yoga teacher I’ve ever had!

Yog Sundari taught me Kundalini yoga, I’d never experienced that style of yoga before. It’s now my favorite. She’s an amazing teacher, a lovely person, her classes were positively life changing.

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She is amazing!

Loved her classes! Have been on the yoga wagon on and off. thought yoga was not for me, but after a full week of daily kundalini classes, I made peace with yoga! Thanks Yog Sundari

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Yog Sundari is a soulful, inspired instructor

Yog Sundari was the Kundalini yoga instructor at a teacher training for meditation I attended recently. Since Kundalini classes are not available in my town, I was thrilled but nervous about my first class. Yog Sundari created an experience that connected my body and my spiritual perspective in a way I have never experienced before. I actually cried in a few of the classes because I felt such an intense congruence between our practice and what I needed at that moment.


Whenever I looked up, there she was--smiling reassuringly and calmly helping us understand how to move through the chants and and postures. I think with a different introduction, I might have experienced Kundalini as weird or too unfamiliar to access well. But, Yog Sundari embodies the practice and renders it both sublime and extremely practical. She's also been super available after the event to process my newfound interest in becoming a Kundalini teacher myself someday. That is the heart of a teacher--someone who continues to care about her students' progress, no matter how briefly she instructed us. If you can take a class with her, do it!

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High quality teaching

Before embarking on my teacher training journey I made an extensive research for the right course. I felt overwhelmed with the endless choices available and now, that I have finished my 200YTT, I feel incredibly lucky to have met YogSundari before I decided to enroll on any of the other courses available. The 200hr Akhanda Yoga teacher training with YogSundari offers one of the most comprehensive and intimate trainings in yoga.


Not only in theory and practice but also with deeply spiritual transformational mind blowing experiences in Rishikesh, India, which just makes everything come together.
I couldn't recommend enough the training with YogSundari and her highly skilled, dedicated and very supportive team that strived to bring the best out of me and were there all the step of the way in helping me to grow in confidence to find my own voice with authenticity. ?

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Thankyou Yoga Sundari!

Yoga Sundari has guided me through my teacher training and has opened up my heart and eyes to something greater than i could imagine. Growing in strength physically, mentally, and spiritually the teacher training has given me so much more than a qualification but has helped me through my own journey of yoga. Knowledge and experience helps to make an authentic yogini! I will never stop learning, i have started on my own path and will be forever grateful for the knowledge and support from my wonderful teacher who has helped to guide me towards the light ❤?

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Yin yoga training

If you want to learn to teach Yin yoga , there are many courses , if you want to learn Yin yoga plus much ,,much more , take Your training with Yog Sundari
Great course in a great venue

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Inspirational Authenticity...

Yog Sundari is a truly special teacher, authentic; inspiring; nurturing; she is committed to constantly improving not only herself but everyone around her and does so with generosity of spirit.


I have recently completed the 200 hour Akhanda YTT led by Yog Sundari. I joined the course as I wanted to deepen my own practice and delve more into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. It was not my intention to become a teacher... Now, having experienced the beautiful authenticity of the Akhanda family and its teachers I feel a need to share this message further.
This is not just another 200 hour qualification, it has the potential to be a life changing experience if you are willing to open your heart and connect to your true self. Yog Sundari & her team offer a very safe space to share and grow, her role is to guide you on your journey and she does so supportively and with genuine care & empathy.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Incredible & Learned teacher

Honoured to have worked along side such an experienced,gracious and knowledgeable teacher

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The Inspiring Yog Sundari

Yog Sundari has a gift! She is a natural healer and nurturing person! She inspires and encourages me each day to strive for my best by focusing inward and acknowledging my inner divineself! I will forever be grateful for the love and kindness she has shown me! A wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul!

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Born to teach Yoga

Fantastic, professional Yoga teacher.
Listen to the class's needs, a perfect master trainer to shine the best of students.

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A magical journey.

Having attended Akhanda yoga classes for a couple of years I decided to embark on the YTT to deepen my understanding of the practice of yoga. The training has been incredibly enriching and explorative. The beauty of this training is that you learn so much more than the physical aspects of yoga. I have been on a wonderful spiritual journey thanks to the knowledgeable, experienced, nurturing teachers who have encouraged and supported us throughout the whole experience.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I would do it again!

The Akhanda yoga teaching training has been such a life changing experience for me. Initially I was looking for to deepen my asana practice, not necessarily to become a yoga teacher, but luckily I have earned so much more than that, and now I can't hardly wait to be fully qualified to spread the love and beauty of Akhanda yoga to the world. The teachers are truly inspiring, encouraging and approachable. To study about yoga philosophy is such a beautiful journey which guides us through self-acceptance and self-contemplation. It does require commitment and passion, but you don't need to be extra bendy or slim or vegetarian to do it, you just need to have an open mind and be willing to open your heart to discover yourself.

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Akhanda yoga 200 teacher training

This is an amazing holistic yoga teacher training. And one I recommend if you want more than just to learn about the physical aspect of yoga, as well as an opportunity to a potentially life changing experience. When I was looking for a course I really wanted to learn about the true essence of yoga, it's philosophy and spirituality as well as the asanas. It was fundamental to me to find a course that could reflect what I was looking for on and off the mat. The teachers were knowledgeable and experienced, whilst being caring and nurturing. The way this course was taught created a space where we could all share, grow and develop in our practice and ourselves. Can't wait to start teaching and spread the Akhanda love!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Diverse and experienced teachers with a wealth of knowledge: the course covered a broad spectrum of Yoga subjects!
On a personal level I have learned some much about myself and how, even in times are challenging I can learn to live with love and grace.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Nourishing journey

Yoga Sundari's YTT is an indepth exploration of self through a traditional Hilton style of yoga that brigs together body, mind and spirit in perfect balance. Each topic is covered in its full extent leaving no stone unturned with weeks between to grow and integrate its fullness into your everyday experience, really embodying yoga for what it is. Yoga sundari's strength pushes your limits, while supporting you with wisdom and encouragement through all the untrodden parts of your journey, a real teacher and a real woman.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My teacher training journey

This Akhanda training has been the most interesting, emotional, rewarding, amazing highlight of my life I have discovered so much more to yoga then I had ever dreamed of this has started a very new journey in my life that I will carry on...the information absorbed from such amazing knowledgeable teachers and our practice I'm on my path of becoming a Akhanda yoga teacher & will continue to to grow and discover more, truly spiritually amazing experience!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Yog Sundari has a great presence which makes for a natural teacher. Her instructions are very precise and allow you to reach a deeper level of understanding, she is mindful of appropriate space and touch and you are taught how to be mindful and sensitive in your approach when teaching. Attention to breath is often missing in many yoga classes but in Akhanda Yoga the importance of pranyama is very important aspect of every class.


I would recommend Yog Sundari's Yoga teacher training to anyone who wanted to improve their technique or wanted to learn the true meaning of Yoga with mindfulness.
I thank my teachers Yog Sundari, Gayatri, Anandi and Piriamvada for their profound knowledge and passion and for transferring their knowledge to others

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The difference 200hrs can make

When I signed up for the YTT, my motivation was to know more about the philosophy of yoga - a journey of self knowledge. I wanted to learn more about what makes yoga so beneficial for the mind, body and soul. During the training I have been inspired by the teachers; their knowledge, their nurturing manner and constant encouragement has led me to believe in myself and my abilities to be a teacher.


I have learnt so much on this course, have made some wonderful friends and have had the honour of being taught my some amazing teachers. Akhanda yoga is an authentic, holistic yoga that really encourages the student to connect with their inner teacher and to take a journey of not only training but self discovery. I would thoroughly recommend this YTT program to anyone who is looking for a yoga that inspires wellness, wholeness and oneness

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This is yoga ...

I was at the place in my asana practice of questioning. I felt every time I left the mat, snippets of what a teacher had said during class kept ruminating, "yoga's not about touching your toes, it's what you learn on the way down", "it's not what the posture looks like, it's how it feels", "find your ease within the posture", "breathe!" ... which was a challenge and at times seemingly impossible with both arms twisted behind my back, balancing on one leg, whilst upside down.


What was I missing? What was I not getting?? I loved how yoga was making me feel ... but why? How was this different from the many other forms of physical exercise I had done? It was time to deepen my practice, time to begin my journey.

Yog Sundari is warm, professional & graceful. Her teachings are inspiring, all encompassing & empowering. She invests in all her students, her faith in all of us has been unwaiving . She embodies exactly what Akhanda Yoga is, a "style" unfamiliar to me prior to signing up to the Yoga Teacher Training. This is where East meets West, at its heart the essence of yoga - union of body, mind & spirit.

This is yoga ... and now I can't imagine life any other way!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Teacher, Healer & Guide

Yog Sundari has been guiding me for three years into a deeper understanding of Hatha & kundalini yoga. Through chanting, singing, meditation and healing Yog Sundari embraces mind, body and soul on a journey of spiritual awakening.
She has been my favourite teacher to date and one who is able to maintain my passion and enthusiasm to want to learn more. Thank you Yog Sundari. Namaste