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About Yoga Journey
Yoga Journey started as a dream of two individuals who share a common goal and passion…spreading and sharing the beautiful practice of yoga. Debra and Nina met in September 2013 during their 200 Hour Teacher Training at Long Island Yoga School. With the support, encouragement and love of their fellow teachers, mentors, friends and family, they gained the strength and courage to make their dreams into reality.

We believe that Yoga is for everybody and it’s not one size fits all…our mission in this journey is to guide students who seek balance or sattva in their lives through yoga poses or asanas, breathing exercises or pranayama, philosophies and meditation. It is also our mission to make yoga more accessible to all different body types and ages. We offer various styles of classes catering to everybody’s individual needs, whether, you want to relax your mind or body, or maybe you just want to get a good work out. We will move, breathe, sweat, smile, laugh and grow together in this practice.

Come and begin or continue your journey with us at Yoga Journey!

In light & love,

Yoga Journey Staff


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