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Mekhala is a certified Yoga instructor and a student of Buddhism. She has been practising Sivananda Yoga since 2007 and Vipassana Meditation since 2009.

She also took Sadhana Intensive Course at the headquarter of Sivananda Yoga, Val Morin (Canada) in 2014 and an Adapted Yoga Course for People with Limited Mobility in 2015 at Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam. Mekhala did another Sadhana Intensive Course with Europe Sivananda at Rudraprayag in 2016.

Mekhala is offering CHAIR Yoga and BACK RECOVERY Yoga classes too.

She is available for private and group class teaching.

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Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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Family Yoga

Just completed the 8-lesson basic course with Mekhala and here's some feedback from my girls


"Teacher Mekhala is a very patient teacher who makes the lessons interesting and engaging by not just teaching us about yoga poses but also more about the theories of yoga. She adjusts lessons based on our needs and current condition on that day so we can best enjoy the yoga lesson. She also takes note of our poses and is a great help in identifying our mistakes and helping to correct them. These lessons help my body and mind to relax so I would continue them."
~ Lyn

"Teacher Mekhala is very observant and she'll point out your errors and give you pointers to improve. She is also very patient and will teach you again and again. She is also very flexible and will change the lesson plan to suit us and our injuries. Yoga has helped me a lot in daily life and made me more observant of my body and posture."
~ Gene

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Very sincere teaching of sivananda yoga

Teacher Mekhala is very friendly and sincere. She explains very clearly the art of sivananda yoga as a way of life, from the very first lesson. She gives good guidance of the various asanas and takes good care of her students. I learnt a lot from her and would recommend anyone keen to learn sivananda yoga to attend her class!

Yoga MekhalaMay 16, 2017

Thank you for your kind review. :)

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Highly recommended! Don't miss this, give it a try!

I attended the beginners' course and it is a very rare type of teaching that combines practical and theories with topics from yoga to overall body, mental and spiritual well-being.

It is an 1.5hrs class that is vastly different from most commercial yoga lessons. It has room for proper relaxation, warm-up and cool-down to prevent injuries especially as there is constant guidance and adjustments on poses.


Very personalised, friendly and warm experience attending the course. Unlike commercial classes having too many students, too little attention on each student and rushing for time, Mekhala course is paying attention to each student and understanding students' abilities and taking note of their progresses.

If you are looking at a true experience in slowing down your city life with mindfulness and releasing stress, do not miss trying out this course with Mekhala.

Do not hesitate! Try now.

Yoga MekhalaMay 16, 2017

Thank you for your detail reviews. :)

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Journey for your inside

Sivananda yoga is more like for relax and spiritual experience rather than excercise yoga.
Ms Mekhala provide us beginner Sivananda yoga class with easy explain and practical demonstration.
She is super friendly and positive all the time.
So you will easily start practicing this yoga but even at this beginner's class, you can go to inside of yourself deeply and can obtain deep relaxation not only physically but also mentally.

Yoga MekhalaOctober 27, 2016
Thank you

Dear Satori,

Thank you for your kind review. So good to know that you understand Sivananda yoga very well. Well done for being able to stay so deeply connected with yourself.

Keep up the practise!


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A very comfortable yoga course with a friendly & dedicated teacher, Mekhala. Size of class is just nice for everyone to get full attention.

Thanks to Mekhala for sharing the lessons & knowledge inside & outside the classes.

The enlightening yoga experience that's well worth sharing:)

Yoga MekhalaSeptember 30, 2016
Thank you

Dear Hetty,

Thanks for your review. Thank you for introducing your sister to the Beginners Course too.

Your calming and patient energy is very helpful for the group.

Om. Om.

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Mekhala's beginner class

A wonderful place for beginner. The class was a good size and Mekhala is so full of knowledge, passion, and always willing to share. Through her, I am learning to breathe consciously and with awareness, to control my shallow breathing.

Yoga MekhalaSeptember 14, 2016
Thank you

Dear TC,

Thank you for kind review. It is delightful to know that you enjoy a bit of extra knowledge. Your focus nature has help the group energy greatly. Glad to know that your awareness of breathing has improved. :)

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Well balanced yoga Lessons

Yoga Mekhala's classes are well balanced, the instructor-Mekhala is observant, friendly and not only sharing yoga knowledge physically but also spiritually.

Yoga MekhalaSeptember 14, 2016
Thank You

Dear AC,

Thank you for your review and bringing so many of your friends and colleagues into the class. Your support and greatly appreciated. :)

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Mekhala's approach is rooted on traditional yoga but incorporates techniques which she feels best suit the needs of every individual.

I've been practicing yoga for a couple of years and have always found the pranayama challenging. Since I joined her class my breathing has improved considerably and this has motivated me to practice on a regular basis.

Mekhala is very approachable and enjoys sharing additional information to promote a more wholesome practice on and off the mat.

Yoga MekhalaSeptember 14, 2016
Thank you

Dear Jessa,

Thank you for your review and your humility in staying in a beginner's class despite your advance capability in yoga practise.

Thank you for understanding my humor. Such a joy to have you in the class. :)

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Yoga Teacher with awareness of both Body & Mind

I still remember the first time I met Mekhala, she was so polite and friendly, and I thought I wanted a tough and strict teacher, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mekhala is not only polite and friendly, but also strict and knows her subject well. She spends time understanding her students body type and their strength's and weaknesses and makes you feel good about yourself. Simultaneously, she exposes your mind to an awareness of self practice which is very rare to find in a teacher.


Her motivation has helped me understand and adjust according to my lifestyle and shift my prospective about yoga as an exercise to yoga as a way of being... Love the way she subtly shares information and makes you realise the flaws in your own way of being, which can be easily shifted and adjusted for a healthy and happy living. The results of her shared experiences is that I have started to enjoy my practice much more and learn and grow with it. I am extremely grateful and thankful to you Mekhala for being the way you are, and for being the one who will always be the reason for the change in me... Thank you so very much.. Priya

Yoga MekhalaJune 28, 2016
Thank you!

Thanks Priya for this long review.

It is very kind of you to spend time to write a thorough review.

Thank you for all the nice words. It is very encouraging for me to know that I did manage to help more than Asana practise.

I'm very grateful to have a very positive and conscientious student like you too.

Om. Om. :)

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inspired and changed

Yoga Mekhala is good teacher of yoga and of the simple wisdoms of life. She and her teachings have changed me both physically and spiritually, very grateful to have her in my life.

Yoga MekhalaApril 12, 2016
Thank you!

Learning is always both ways. You have teach me a lot too.
Thank you for reconnecting me. i'm just as grateful to have you back into my life. :)

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Great Yoga Teacher

Mekhala is a wonderful yoga teacher whose flexible teaching nicely caters to the needs of her students.

Yoga MekhalaMarch 8, 2016

Thank you so much for the kind review! You are a wonderful student too! One of the easiest to teach! :)

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A simple yet enriching class

I used to think that yoga was only mainly for girls. But nevertheless when I tried out with my colleagues, I found that it was something different. It was enriching and sharpen my five senses to the fullest. I enjoyed every session held every week and generally implied the techniques taught in yoga into different sports such as running to improve my capability.

I hope that with this experience I would definitely recommend Mekhala to another friend who is new to yoga to join this.

Yoga MekhalaSeptember 25, 2014
Thank you!

Thank you for your review Han. :)

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The best teacher i could hope for

I used to have decent back pain and thats why i contacted Mekhala. She was excellent with the postures and taught me modified versions which suited my body better. She also put lot of focus on proper rest and correct state of mind which i later on realized was as important as the physical part of yoga.

Yoga MekhalaAugust 29, 2014
The best student!


Thank you so much for the kind review. I'm glad you agree with me about proper relaxation. Hope you are practising well at your own pace. :)