Yogamaniac Samantha Lee

United Kingdom

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It all started when I got a yoga book for Christmas 1998 and was hooked by it and did a class locally. I had been wanting to find something, as I felt there was a hole inside that didn't seem to be filled with anything I did. I felt lethargic and lonely. This seemed to be the answer. I moved abroad five months later and took up yoga twice a day at my local yoga studio in America, in a place called Petaluma California. I decided then to study with the Kevala Centre on a long distance course, knowing that my twice daily yoga at the yoga studio was perfect for my practical experience. I had come this far and now it only seemed natural to want to broaden my understanding of yoga and hopefully find peace with my inner thoughts. My course took 12 months where I passed in March 2000. It did daily yoga sessions with many friends and felt the warmth and understanding flow through everyone I met. To me, yoga had become more that just a hobby. It had now become my life and I was living my dream. I then came back to England in 2000 and decided to help others find this sanctuary within themselves. I have been teaching yoga ever since.


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