Yogi Anand

New Delhi Delhi

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Yogi Anand - a well experienced Yoga-Meditation Teacher of New Delhi, India.

A Dynamic, Bona-fide and Enlightened Yoga-Spiritual Master, Prudent Life Coach, Musician and formerly a Software Engineer.
Energetic and dependable contributor.
Creates stimulating, challenging and learning environment.
Focused, forward thinking, multi-disciplined.
Highly developed communications abilities, interpersonal skills and years of student relational experience.
Innovative, resourceful and inventive with unusual ability to identify opportunities and empower, motivate and guide others to achieve their goals.
He is Adept to teach Yoga and train for the following purposes:

Yoga as a Therapy for Good Health/Well Being
Yoga for Prenatal or Postnatal
Yoga for Kids
Yoga at Work
Yoga for Corporate Sector
Yoga for Self Enhancement
Yoga for Self Realization of God/Truth/Divine Mind
Yoga Styles he practices and teaches:

Hatha Yoga
Prana Yoga or Pranopasana or Kriya Yoga
Raja Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Power Yoga
Corporate Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Tantra Yoga
Mantra Yoga or Samkalpa Yoga
His Style of Teaching:

For Health, he selects the suitable yoga poses according to your physiology, including:
how and when to use them
ratings of how difficult they are to master
tips to make the poses easier for beginners
Deciding the sequence of poses in a yoga class, including:
how to start in a yoga class
how to make smooth transitions
choosing the “apex pose” or high point
ending a yoga session
Guiding the specific inhalation or exhalation while exercising a posture
How to use yoga props
How to give verbal instructions and demonstrate yoga poses
Dos and don’t for correcting students’ mistakes