Yogi Anant

Rishikesh Uttarakhand

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Yoga is my life. I am born in a small village in Himalaya, near Holy river of Ganga. I enjoyed spending time in nature. Whatever I would do, I would do it with total awareness and peace. I felt this meditative state of inner silence and serenity since I was really young. I felt and I knew that we are much more than just a human body; that we are, after all, spiritual and creative beings with almighty potential and power within ourselves. I was always interested in spiritual themes about development of human beings on every level. Inspired by many yogis in Himalaya, I was interested in every ancient yoga technique about discovering the deep peace and harmony in human body and mind. I wanted to become a Yoga teacher.

Every day, I complement knowledge about yoga and holistic health by learning through books and seminars. As I state 'Yoga is in my blood'.

My mission is to help you to become best yoga teacher and to serve in this planet with your positive energy, knowledge,peace,love, compassion,purity and everything best you.

I state that God is not separated from us. He is within us and we are within God.

“We should learn to love ourselves, because love is an unbreakable part of us and by loving ourselves, we love the God that is within us.“


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