1. 25+ years of practicing yoga and 10+ years of teaching and mentoring yoga classes, especially in teaching Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour and 300-hour courses.
2. 11+ years of practicing energy channelizing and Shakti tantra (tantric practice of Mother Nature) and 7+ years of practicing Indian astrology (Vedic).
3. Ayurveda and massage therapies integrated with yoga and energy healing.

Other services in private sessions:
Energy channeling (Intuitive reading, chakra balancing and healing, and energy cleansing using natural elements of the cosmos), Ayurvedic bodyworks (Ayurvedic medicinal oil massage, pressure point massage, and 5-action purification and detoxification treatments), therapeutic yoga (Yoga and physio therapies customized to suit constitutions for health issues, static and dynamic pranayama breathing for physical and emotional reconditioning), restorative sounds (Meditation using holistic sounds, chants and instruments), and emotional healing (Himalayan and Bihar schools of yoga techniques and ancient knowledge, stress reduction and energizing)


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