Yogi Ashokananda

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Yogi Ashokananda is an expert and pioneer as a practising master of yoga and meditation and a speaker on humanity and spiritual philosophy. Raised in India, he has been practising yoga since early childhood when his Grandfather was his first teacher. He is also a Reiki Master. Over many years Yogi Ashokananda has been fortunate to develop his teaching, experience and education of yoga under some of the great, remote, Indian masters and siddhas. He has taught the teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga, the Sivananda Ashram, hatha yoga and meditation at the Shri Ved Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh and the Yogamaya Ashram in Vrindavan. Now he teaches a number of his own profound disciplines and insights which have their roots in ancient, sacred Indian tradition. 

As well as teaching in the UK and internationally, Yogi Ashokananda is continuously working on developing community projects at the Ashok Tree in Tiruvannamalai, India. The aim of these projects is to support and help local people with Ayurvedic medicine, practical support, yoga, meditation and spiritual sustenance as well as provide work in and around the cultivation of herbs and vegetables, and working at the Ashok Tree ashram and retreat centre. In 2008 Yogi Ashokananda established the Sita Devi charity school which provides education for primary school children and vocational training.

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