Yogi Jessie

Richmond, VA
United States

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Jessie is a 200hr Prannothan Yoga Teacher, as well as a Little Flower Yoga Teacher (Children’s Yoga Teacher).

Jessie began her yoga career in 2003 when she took a yoga class at a local gym and has been hooked every since. She has tried various styles of yoga through out her yoga career in various studios around the country, finding purpose for different styles in different stages of life.

‘Atha Yoga Nushasanam’ is the first sutra in the ancient yoga text of The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. This first sutra translates to “And now the inquiry of yoga”, a phrase Jessie holds close to her heart and her teachings. She encourages students to explore the world of yoga through the mind, the body, the breath, as well as explore how we can bring yoga off the mat into our every day lives.

Jessie uses props in classes and privates to ensure the integrity of alignment is kept. Jessie understands first hand the importance of alignment in preventing yoga injuries as well as not exacerbating any current injuries a student may be working with.

When Jessie is not teaching yoga or running her own yoga studio she can be found drinking tea and running with her fiance as well as learning all she can about health and wellness. Jessie holds a Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media and is pursuing a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy. She also spends her extra time as a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish foundation as a Wish Granter.


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