Yogi Prashant

Rishikesh Uttarakhand
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Born in Rishikesh, I have spent my life with sages and traditional yogis. After mastering my skills at Bihar School of Yoga, I am teaching Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Nidra and adjustment & Alignment at RISHIKUL YOGSHALA and at VISHWA YOGA PEETH. Download my asanas ()


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

12 Reviews

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Prashant - the reason why I am a yoga teacher now

I was very honoured to be a student of Prashant Jhakmola during my tenure at Rishikul Yogshala for my 200 hour Teacher Training Course and also during my drop in classes at Pyramid Cafe. Not only was he my guru for Ashtanga Vinyasa and Adjustment & Alignment, but he also imparted on me characteristics of a truly inspirational teacher. I am now confident in my abilties as a yoga practitioner as well as a teacher.


Our first Prashantji encounter during the course was in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Prashant proved that it was true what our course co-ordinator had said about him during our opening ceremony - "If Prashant wants to, he can make the whole class sweat within 5 minutes". On the very first lesson, we knew that he is no ordinary teacher - he challenged each of the students, whether beginner or advanced, and we all kept coming back for more.
I personally never missed a single one of his classes, even when I didn't feel well. This was purely because of the classroom environment that he created. Although I was less experienced than my classmates, he made me feel fully capable of attempting every asana. His instructions are concise and easily understandable by students from all backgrounds. His motivation strategy was to have the well maintained balance between fun, seriousness and safety. He always gave personal attention and tirelessly adjusted students' postures until we achieved the perfect alignment. he was also very professional as he asked us to respect our bodies and take rest if we were in pain.
From his Adjustment & Alignment class, I got to learn a lot about my body and how it works, and this was the most valuable lesson of all. Since my childhood, I never participated in many physical exercises so I didn't have the opporunity to understand my body's strenghts, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Through Prashant's class, I got to know these and now whenever I practice yogasana, I am fully immersed in my pose and I am able to visualise how my muscles are working with every movement. This enables me to not only correct myself, but to see common mistakes in other people's practice and help them rectify it.
The lessons I, and all the other students in the course learned from Prashantji are extremely valuable and will help us all when we are one day yoga teachers. We are truly very lucky to have had him as our guru. I still have a lot to learn and will return to Rishikesh to get more training from him.­­

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The best teacher i had.
Very professional, very nice.
Undrstand the body and keep the practice so simple to every one.

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The best teacher I've ever worked with!

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A great teacher!

Yogi Prashants dedications to his teaching demonstrates what a great yoga teacher should be. His classes always inspire and push me. He is very talented in reading the class and ensuring that everyone is included in tailoring the class to needs. They are always interesting and I leave feeling alive!

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Inspirational amd dedicated Yoga Master

Prashant is a very good Hatha and Asthanga Vinyasa teacher.
Humble and friendly, teaching and adjusting in a very safe and soft way, with him, every class is a new discovery and learning for the student.
It gives us the opportunity to feel, learn and understand more about our body anatomy, a proper alignment and also breathing and meditation.
What I like the most is that every classes can be very different and inspiring.

Thank you

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An Inspiring Ashtanga Teacher

Prashant Ji is a strong, dedicated and incredible yoga teacher! I was lucky enough to have him as my Ashtanga teacher for my 200hr YTTC in Rishikesh. The way he explains and demonstrates the asanas whilst keeping everyone interested is like no other teacher I have ever seen. We managed to practice the whole primary series in one of our classes and he motivated all of the students until the very last asana. He has a lot of knowledge when it comes to alignment and adjustment, so keep your eyes and ears open to not miss any of the valuable information he has to offer! He has a gentle yet powerful energy that is truly inspiring. Thank you Prashant for all that you taught me!

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A calm and contented yogi

A specialisd guru in Hatha Yoga, he is a dedicated yoga guru who shares not only theoretical knowledge, but also experience –based knowledge that he has acquired in the field of yoga over the years He considers yoga as a form of discipline, devotion and self-restraint. He has indeed a strong knowledge base as is evident from his comprehensive yoga lessons. He is really student-friendly and ready to help us with our doubts and queries. His presence in the class reflects a soothing effect upon the individual attending his lecture sessions. He truly motivates and inspires students making the classes something to look forward to.

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Amazing Hatha Yoga teacher

Prashant is a very experiences, inspirational, positive and motivational teacher with a great friendly attitude towards his students. His teachings are based on a strong indian traditional yogic practise and ancient knowledge with a respect of every individual person coming to his classes.

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Jewel of yoga industry

He is very well informed hatha and ashtanga vinyasa teacher. His knowledge is vast and based not only on books but also from his personal experience. Posture accuracy and adjustments one can very well understand from him. I started loving ashtanga after he taught me. It gave me confidence in practice.

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Dedicated and Inspiring Hatha Teacher

Clear instructions, generously shares his knowledge. Creative with adjustments, masterful insight into the needs of students. Friendly and open to answering questions.

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Brilliant Yoga teacher!

Yogi Prasanth is a very skillful Hatha yogi who generously shares what he has learned through years of dedicated practice. His soothing Yoga Nidra classes were the most awaited moment of the day! The soothing voice and his calming presence contributed to make my experience at the ashram highly enjoyable. Highly recommended!

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Skilled Hatha Yoga Teacher

Hatha Yoga is something I had practiced even before but its effects, uses and contra indications were something I was not that well equipped with. Prashant is a very soothing, calm and easy going teacher. He took me through the course one step at a time and I felt like I am floating in his classes. An expert in Hatha yoga, he is also great at conducting Yog Nidra classes as well and at the end of the day his classes were craved for the most by all of us. I am blessed to have him as my guru.