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My name is Yolanda. I have spent most of my adult life chasing the tail of consciousness and trying to understand the deeper questions of life. This quest for the true nature of my own being and the reality of existence has taken me from the banks of the Ganges with 60 million of my fellow Human Beings, to the depths of the Amazon Jungle with Indigenous Indians who have lived on their land since time immemorial.

After over twenty years of practicing Yoga, I decided that I wanted to share my love of Yoga with others. I have tried many different types of āsana practice; așțānga, haṭha, kuṇḍalinī, vinyāsa, the list goes on, and on (and on). The system that finally enabled me to realise happiness, balance, harmony, wellbeing and know through experience the divine consciousness of my own true nature, the consciousness that creates the unity of our entire manifest reality, was Tantra Yoga.

I teach Tantra Yoga according to the principles of the Kaula system. Kaula Yoga is a Śhaiva-Śhakta system that enables each Human Being to fulfil their potential and live life to its fullest expression (Dharma, Artha, Kāma and Mokṣa).

Tantra Yoga is a holistic system with an integrated set of practices that enable self-recognition (the realisation of the one true Self, I-consciousness), including:
- Yogāsana (postures).
- Prāṇāyāma (culturing of the prāṇa through breathing).
- Bandhas (culturing of the prāṇa through diaphragmatic binding).
- Dhyāna (meditation).
- Pūjā (ritual acts of consecration).
- Mantra sadhana (remapping of neural pathways through meditative repetition of sacred Sanskrit formulae).
- Study of Sanskrit to facilitate true understanding of grammar, speech and sound and Tantric / Yogic texts.
- Knowledge through lived experience by the reading of original Tantric texts.
- Transmission from a qualified teacher.
- Intensive self-inquiry.

Tantra Yoga is an experience that will transform you from the inside out in ways that you didn't think were possible (even if you've been doing Yoga for years). It is my desire to give all beings the opportunity to get their (true) 'Self' back (although that is a play on words, because it's been there all along), and I know through experience that Tantra Yoga makes this possible.

Peace, love and mung beans,



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