Yolande Hyde

Sydney NSW

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Iam a senior seasonal Hatha teacher with a love of winding a good story around and thru a yoga class. Seasonal teaching has its roots in the theory of the 5 Elements and the great Taoist teachers of the past. Nature based and rotating thru the seasons and sub seasons it allows for rich layering of both physicality and philosophy.
I have written and co lecture the only yoga teacher training course to include element theory from both TCM and Ayurveda as practically applied to yoga. I am also a yoga therapist, treating clients individually for injury and rehab in the physical and emotional bodies.
I use hands on assisting in all my class to encourage students to progress further in their practice, as well as to offer support and encouragement to those exploring these boundaries for the first time.
I offer open classes along a range of categories including remedial, prenatal, beginners, general and intermediate.
I hope one day you can join me on the mat.


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