Yolandi van Rooyen

South Africa

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Yoga to me is about finding your balance (both on and off the mat!). It's about allowing yourself the time and space to focus on yourself. To surrender to your own breathing. To gain the knowledge of proprioception. And simply put, to move.

My movement quest began when I started walking and had to get stitches 1cm from my eye before the age of two…twice. Since then my quest has had a few nice ups (the obsessive podium finisher in most everything that requires running) and a few downs (broke my vertebrate and had to step down from a few podiums due to asthma). So the ability to be at peace with myself lead me to the path of YTT200. And now I find myself in this remarkable place in my life to pay the love of yoga forward. To try and bring balance and peace into others lives, and to assist them in their own movement quest.

, if I had to classify my type of classes it would probably read more like a disclaimer and be something very unpoetic like “bring water. And towel.”