Yoshiko Hayakawa

Sumida-ku Tokyo

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I was born in a family who love sports. So I started playing tennis when I was little. I played volley ball when I was a student for 6 years. At the same time I was very into marine sports - started windsurfing, body boarding and surfing. I love hiking and snowboarding as well and currently my favourite hobby is playing golf with my mother.

Yoga is effective for any sports I think. You can train yourself mentally and physically threw practicing asana (posture).

I noticed things that I learned at a Yoga teacher training course in Thailand, links things I learned as an elementary student, from parents or teachers, especially during my buddhism classes. We are supposed to learn the right things from our past and we do know what's right. It's just what we can't do, isn't it?

It's important to practice yoga for having a healthy life. I know that it's very difficult to do it in the city. There are many temptations and we eat something bad even if we know it is unhealthy. Shouldn’t we also know what is good for our body if we care about our health more ?

To be "Healthy", is to be kind to yourself in your life. I felt a change in my body after eating organic food without meat, fish, egg, milk products in Thailand. Especially with digestion and I had to go to the bathroom so many times! It's very difficult to keep the vegan life style and if it's stressful to keep it, it's going to be unhealthy for us. So I think we should just try to be as healthy as often as we can.

I'm more interested in nutrition from vegetables and I'm currently looking for ways to have delicious food without having meat, fish, eggs and milk products.


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