YuJin Han Gupta

Mumbai Maharashtra

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Studied Chemical Industry Engineering & Fine Chemistry
Worked as Chemical Industry Market Research & Consulting
Yoga Teachers Training course at Yoga Institute in Mumbai
Trained by Sri Deepak Gupta

Sri Vidya Upasana
Yoga Sadhaka(Practitioner)

7 years of teaching experience
10 years of practicing yoga

Got a great calling in Yoga n Spiritual realm.
Gave a job as chemical industry market consultant, dedicate life into yoga.
All previous education assist profound understanding of Yoga, and to create technology for scientific approach to Yoga in lifestyle.

Specially dedicate on children's education.
'The Child Within', 'Inner Child'.
Even for adult, need to get in touch with Inner child.
Felt strong inspiration to work for children n doing education for children and for teachers to assist molding healthy personally for children.

Education field & experiences
Yoga for Children
Yoga training for school teachers
Lifestyle based yoga
Created Yoga Diary(Organizer) 'YogaWork'
Research work on lifestyle based yoga and assisting implementation materials
Yoga program managing system development

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