Yuki Davidoff

Austin, TX
United States

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I like to think that I've always been pretty active - I ran track in middle school, marched in the drum line in high school, and found myself involved in volleyball, basketball and social dance in college. However, it wasn't until after all of that - in my fourth year at UT - that I went to my first yoga class at a local studio. At the time I was heads down programming away toward my Computer Science degree, and I found the yoga classes to help me focus and become more mindful, first physically, then mentally, on and off the mat. After dipping into the working world of software for a short while, I realized that my one of my passions was more aligned to teaching yoga and sharing my practice in a similar way that others had done for me. I realized that the best thing I could do for others is to live in integrity with myself. I look forward to helping you live more mindfully, in fitness and health, physically, mentally, and emotionally!


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