Yuko Harmegnies

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With 20 years since discovering Ashtanga Yoga and just over 10 years of teaching many many of hours and honoured to have learned so much from not only my teachers but also from my students, I look very much forward to sharing the wisdom of yoga with you.

The Masterlife program offers an alternative to traditional yoga teacher trainings by offering tailor made trainings as well as the possibility of live web conference training. Specialities include Art & Science of Breath, Adapted Yoga for Sports, for Schools and for Health Practioners including Osteopaths, Psychologists and Nutritionists.

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I recommend a lot this program Masterlife.

Yuko is very Professional and in the meantime friendly!

We learn a lot about yoga of course, andall aspect of this large subject, but also about our own body and mind, and about people.

I wish her a big success in this Master class!

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I am not an expert yoga practitioner but I have done many yoga classes through my years as a training athlete but no one has inspired me as much as Yuko. Her classes energise and enlighten me by equal measure. She manages to inspire such progression but it feels like it comes from the right place, inside, not just physical acrobatics. I feel like every class is a revelation and I look forward to my Monday classes to help me set my compass for the week. Thank you Yuko.

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Yuko est une enseignante qui nous conduit hors des sentiers battus par ses connaissances à la fois techniques, scientifiques et philosophiques. L’un de ses grands talents est de nous transmettre l’énergie, la patience et la confiance en soi, que l’on a bien souvent tort d’enfouir dans les tréfonds de notre mémoire. Ses cours sont intenses et légers à la fois, ancrés et aériens, dynamiques et toujours emplis de douceur.


Généreuse et attentionnée, Yuko sait transmettre les outils nous permettant de nous libérer des carcans que nous bâtissons en nous-même et autour de nous-même. Cette citation d'Edie Weinstein la définit, simplement : "She is not just an optimist. She is an opti-mystic who sees the world throught the eyes of possibility."

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Balance, consciousness and.... happiness!

I met Yuko for the first time in 2009 when I discovered Yoga with "Yoga Mom & Baby". It was a great experience with my 6 months old daughter. Then I started my yoga practice for myself. As I far from her place I have tried several different yoga studios nearby, but every year I always went back to her class, even if takes me 1h to get to her studio! It is always a magical balance between dynamic ashtanga yoga and spiritual connection.


Yuko feels the energy of each one and the energy of the class, and adapts everytime the instructions to oneself or to the energy of the group. No pressure for performance in her yoga classes. You'll learn how to make the postures in the right way for you, for that particular moment. Her knowledge of breath and postures gives a comprehensive view.
She has always new ideas to create this community to share practices and I also enjoyed the Hang outs early in the morning, where we can practice yoga even when we are hundreds of km away from her .
This summer I went from Paris to Nice to try the SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle) with her - it was a new experience, I felt as I had discovered a new treasure in my life!

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Nous ne sommes pas toujours d'humeur égale quand nous arrivons aux cours de Yuko, mais peu importe ! Nous sommes toujours accueillis avec un sourire et une belle énergie communicatifs ! Alors quand nous avons finis le cours... Que l'on se est bien !!! Yuko nous entend, nous écoute et ces conseils font toujours mouche ! Enseignement, partage, encouragements, douceur, bien-être et la belle énergie que Yuko nous donne avec générosité.

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Cela fait 3 ans que je suis une élève très assidue de Yuko. Yuko dégage tellement d'énergie positive qu'il suffit d'être là avec elle pour être bien. C'est un très bon professeur de yoga techique et spirituel. C'est une étoile qui brille et envoit plein d'étincelles ! Et fait naître de nouvelles étoiles.

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I went to my first yoga class with Yuko in 2008 in Paris and without knowing it she opened my mind and my heart to the art of yoga, I adored her classes, she is very strict about the alignment and the precision of the asana, she made me adjust my body again, and made me breathe again. It was an ashtanga class and I never stopped doing yoga since, I am today a yoga teacher and make my best to share my knwoledge to other for everybody to feel the benefits from yoga that I felt. Yuko is a very good, talented, teacher.