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Jakarta Jakarta

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Long before Yoga became her life, Yuli was living and working abroad in Seattle (USA) when a chiropractor had suggested it solely as a way for her to maintain her spinal adjustment. Yuli took the recommendation and eventually started attending Yoga classes consistently. However, upon returning to her hometown of Jakarta (Indonesia), Yuli quickly found that the local Yoga classes offered had very differing styles than the ones she was used to and enjoyed. Unable to find someone teaching the methodology she was seeking, Yuli stopped practicing Yoga momentarily.

It was not until a friend invited her to a class Nilesh was teaching that Yuli re-discovered her love for Yoga. She found Nilesh's practical, hands-on and health-focused approach to Yoga to be immediately beneficial and precisely what she felt had been missing from the other Yoga classes.

Despite a temporary work transfer to Hong Kong quite shortly after their meeting, Yuli remained deeply inspired and motivated by Nilesh's teaching. She continued her practices regularly and has since stayed dedicated to her life in Yoga. Today, Yuli practices Yoga under the guidance of Nilesh in Jakarta.

Om Shanti


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