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Yvette Farkas is the owner and director of The Meditating Frog. She is a certified Sivananda yoga instructor, with a background in Ayurveda, Taoist medicine and acupuncture. She has 30 years martial arts and yoga experience and incorporates this knowledge into her practice while continuously learning and updating her skills.

Yvette has taught yoga at businesses, corporate environments, privately, in school settings and at various studios. She has also created and implemented specialty courses in TCM and helped lead instructor programs. She coordinated and taught the holistic portion of a highly unique course for nurse practitioners who were training to specialize in colon hydrotherapy. This was a ground breaking program and the only one of it's kind in Canada at the time.

She has studied various facets of health with teachers from around the world, some of which include hatha yoga, breathwork, qi gong, acupuncture, laser acupuncture for pain relief and cellular rejuvenation, the creating of herbal medicinal oils and the use of tuning forks to ground and balance an individual in a treatment.

She enjoys sharing the information she has found helpful in her own life, with others. Classes and health consultations encourage awareness of the body's innate capacity for self-healing while increasing energy and vitality in a supportive and positive environment. Her approach is one which involves the person in his or her own process, where awareness is seen as an integral part of that journey.

"It is such a joy to see students truly begin to feel better, to transform from the inside out and see their confidence, calm, health and stability improve. What a pleasure to share knowledge and inspiration with others, as many have shared with me. We are here to help one another grow, after all. Let's do our best to learn from each other and live a more inspired, and soulfully rich life.
Namaste" - Yvette


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