Yvette Lehmann

Kamloops, BC

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I am honoured to have the pleasure to study with Masters of Yoga (enlightened beings) from around the world who keep guiding me on the journey of discovery that is more like re-covery. Learning is about un-learning and that is the freedom that enhances the spiritual experience of one's practice.
It is my privilege to pass on these teachings through our 200 hour YA certified PRANA Yoga and 300 hour YA certified ATMA Yoga teacher training programs.
I also offer workshops on Self Knowing, Meditation and classes that promote a well being and wholeness with therapeutic yoga movement.
Through breath and movement you learn to connect to all your senses and get a deeper understanding of who you are and how you are linked to the Universe. Rather then focusing your energy on how to be in the pose, you learn to feel your body and move slowly tissue by tissue so it becomes about the journey. You get to experience the pose rather then achieve the end result. Your practice will be about YOU. Not of your EGO. Every class will be a life changing experience with an enormous, colossal, monumental spiritual growth.
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