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My first interaction with yoga was at a run down gym behind my house where I used to run and lift weights after school. At 16 years old, I thought it was a very creative form of expressing my body's limits and stretch in ways I never had before. For 5 years after that, my on and off again practice was all physical. Later on, I was close to burning out as a Marketing Director at a Financial firm in New York City when I finally got a glimpse of what yoga truly is from a special teacher who instructed me several times a week at a gym near my apartment. Hearing her speak about nadis, mudras, and sanscrit meanings allowed me to connect deeply in my practice and transcend the physical aspects of asana. I was hooked. From there I dove into meditation and finally decided to visit India for an authentic education in yoga and meditation, spending 6 months practicing around the country.

My style can be described as 'Cleansing Hatha.' As with any cleanse, the focus is on pushing out unnecessary elements and revitalizing fundamental systems of the body. I like to facilitate a Hatha practice that focuses on the breath and the spine while adding in a mix of postures to develop asanas safe and securely according to individual body types.


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