Zak Endicott

Seattle, WA
United States

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Starting at a young age I have been drawn to yoga and meditation. When I was a small child my father taught me various visualization techniques to use when I didn’t feel good, and also to prepare for an important event.

At fifteen I took it upon myself to learn about Buddhist techniques towards enlightenment but it wasn’t until I picked up the book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, that suddenly something inside me clicked. I felt I had grasped the point. This was my first experience of, for lack of a better term, enlightenment.

When I was eighteen, I found my yoga. After two years it was suggested that I pursue teaching. I started with some short trainings, and I was hooked. During my teacher training I experienced some profound realizations, among them that I would teach yoga and share this path that has helped me to save my own life. It was a calling. I was frightened. Dharma is exciting!

Every week I continue to witness what I believe is the affirmation that this path is indeed my dharma, and that right now this is what I need to be doing. Each class I teach, I commit to loving and paying attention to all of my students.

I emphasize the physical; the body is our vehicle, and our breath is the key: I find joy in helping students discover more empowering alignment so they can go deeper and challenge themselves safely. Yoga is a lifelong relationship, and it isn’t about instant results. I share a practice that comes from my own experiences, not a dogma or scripture. Some truths are universal.

Join us we’re having fun! I am extremely grateful for my life and opportunity to be a part of the Shakti community.

Thank you yogis, Namaste!


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