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Tel Aviv
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I have been a yoga practitioner for the past 10 years. Recently I decided to share my practice helping beginners and the 'Yoga-curious' start their own journey.

Yoga offers it's practitioner a vast world of self-discovery. It brings the mind and the body to join in harmony, in return reflecting on the rest of the person's life. Yoga also introduces balance. Balance, though may sound 'boring' to many, is hard to achieve. But when it is felt in daily living it intensifies the mind/body harmony and helps the person walk through life with more satisfaction and joy.

My mission is to help others achieve harmonious living. Through yogic fitness of the body and mind, I assist the student in self-discovery and self-knowledge. It is through these two tools that I believe your best life awaits you.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Energetic and peaceful yoga classes

I took my first yoga classes with Zhanna and she definitely makes me love yoga... You can easily join her classes as a beginner or even if you have an advanced level. The place along the sea and during the sunset is the perfect time for practicing.
Regarding Zhanna, she is a truly passionate and friendly teacher who will make you feel comfortable and confident. She'll advise you and will push you to do your best.
I left Tel Aviv and I can say that I miss her yoga classes !

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Great class with amazing environment

Was a great experience, was visiting Israel and wanted to try yoga again. Haven't done it in about year, felt great. Zhanna was a great teacher and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend to anyone, no matter your experience.

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First Teacher that's gotten me to stick with it!

I've done a few yoga classes with a lot of different teachers, and Zhanna really stands out. First of all, she creates an amazing atmosphere-- both just through how she presents and explains, and also by making great decisions about location, time, music, etc.


But the real thing is Zhanna is top-notch at showing how to relax and stretch your way into a body that works better. Her instructions are full of really helpful hints for adjustments, and she also pays a lot of attention to her students-- she's quick to intervene if she's worried that someone's at risk of hurting themselves, and she also gives great personalized feedback and assistance to help you release more tension, get a deeper stretch, and find greater flexibility.

Zhanna clearly cares about the well-being of her students, and she's really effective at making your well-being into better-being! Do yourself a favor, do yoga with Zhanna!

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Yoga by the sea

I have had the pleasure of going to Zhanna's classes for two months in Tel Aviv and it was a wonderful experience. She is a great and warm teacher who manages the classes in a way at everyone's level there is lot's of attention for improvement. The lessons are at a good and serious pace, after a few classes the benefits become clear already. She is generous, letting people join her class if they spontaneously drop in, non-materialistic in her approach she wants you to enjoy yoga. Go and join her class whenever you have the chance !

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Sunset, beach and Yoga

Zhanna is adapting to the level of every student. She dedicates specific time for every sudent to explain, adapt or adjust the position for each body and capacities. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. Although the most important will always be to finish the class with a bigger smile than the one you had when you started it. There is no better way to finish a long day: a yoga class with Zhanna in the sunset!

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Highly recommended!!!

I really enjoy Zhanna's class and come out feeling do good afterwards, I wake up the next morning in a good mood also! Zhanna creates a comfortable environment and is so friendly, it's definitely a positive experience. I love the fact that the yoga sessions are overlooking the beach and she always comes with her super cute dog!!

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Super Friendly

Came across Zhanna while she was teaching a class on the boardwalk... let me jump right in completely unprepared without batting an eye. Great teacher, super friendly. :)

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awesome experience in tel aviv

I got a chance to go to Zhanna's class at the park....it was such a refreshing experience. Not only did i do something healthy for myself, Zhanna's classes also benefit an Israeli animal shelter. As a teacher, Zhanna was very attentive, made sure I was aligned correct and understood the positions. Will visit her class again as soon as I get to visit TLV again!

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Awesome Teacher with a Bright, Positive Smile!

I found Zhanna's Kensho Yoga program on "Secret Tel Aviv", a classifieds group page on Facebook which was useful for anyone new to the city. I was in Tel Aviv for an internship program and was having a tough time making friends and adjusting to life in a new city, country. I decided to try Zhanna's yoga class because I enjoy the practice and thought it would be fun to try in Israel. Zhanna was more than helpful, she was so welcoming and kind.


She not only provided me a mat in the several classes I attended, because I am clearly a novice, but she guided me and other attendees as we progressed along in each class. I was a bit nervous the first time, and she assured me that it was a beginners class and we wouldn't be doing any positions too difficult or strenuous. She definitely put me at ease and helped me in something that isn't so easy! I truly enjoyed the yoga sessions I did at the Tel Aviv Port and am so grateful that Zhanna was our teacher/leader, along with Sara and Rebecca. I look forward to practicing more and hope to be able to take Zhanna's classes again some day!

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Doing yoga with Zhanna is like taking a big nice breath in the week, it is going elsewhere, in a sweet and warm universe. More than the positions and the technical elements, it is the atmosphere in which Zhanna makes her classes that made me feel good instantaneously. Thank you !!

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Om-ing through my day...

I have done yoga for so many years and so many different teachers. Zhanna was truly a treat. I loved all the detailed explanations about how to keep my body in positions and all the gentle adjustments. But my favorite was the spirituality included from time to time. I just felt so much deeper into my breath and more connected with my body, now I am just "om-ing" through my day =) thank you!

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Something to remember

Zhanna is the kind of teacher who's words literally pierce your soul. When she speaks you feel as if you opened up to a new realm of not only thinking about how you're executing a posture, but also how you can apply that knowledge to your life as well. I love most that I feel I have made a real connection with her as a person, and trusted teacher in the class, which is most beneficial for great yoga class/practice experience.

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Great for beginners!

This was my first yoga class. Zhanna made sure I stayed with the class and made me feel safe is positions I didnt know. Plus the guided meditation at the end was a nice bonus!