Zoë Sipes

Evansville, IN
United States

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Zoë is passionate about the healing and transformative power of yoga and loves seeing students grow in their practice and lives. She believes that yoga extends past the physical practice--for Zoë, it is a holistic system that promotes balance of the body, mind and soul for total well-being.

From personal experience, Zoë knows how effective regular yoga practice can be in shifting perspective and improving behavior and mood. Consistent, regular practice helps Zoe stay connected, patient and happier. In students, she sees that practice boosts self-esteem, improves outlook, relieves stress and anxiety and helps people live a more full and positive life.

After completing teacher training in 2010, Zoë began teaching group yoga classes and private lessons in the Evansville area. She loves learning about yoga philosophy, techniques and its therapeutic applications and enjoys sharing from her research and experience on the Yoga for Life Blog.

Zoë is trained in the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar lineage of yoga, known as viniyoga, a tradition which emphasizes appropriate application of various yoga techniques to benefit students as individuals. The tone of her classes is relaxing, encouraging, and positive. Zoë's classes incorporate asana, or yoga poses, to balance the physical and subtle body, as well as breathing (pranayama) and meditation. Many classes include chanting, yoga philosophy and

Zoë also guides students in private lessons and yoga therapy instruction, and she provides massage therapy at Bodyworks in Evansville.


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