Zoe Seher

San Francisco, CA
United States

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Inspired by the self-healing therapies of various cultures, I spent three years teaching yoga and practicing Ayurveda for non-profit projects and retreats around the world. Since then, I returned to California to focus on teaching a diverse range of classes and transmit the Yoga Practice as a tool to combat the common mental and physical issues that can afflict us at all ages. Aside from teaching private clients and creating diverse classes, I managed all operations at the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco. This includes assisting doctors and therapists in working with patients with a multitude of physical disabilities as well as organizing workshops and lectures worldwide to increase access to successful self-healing techniques. I am currently teaching Leadingvinyasa flow and restorative yoga classes at Omassim Surf/Yoga Retreat Center in Ericiera, Portugal which focus increasing body awareness and preventing surf related injuries ; as well as guiding walking and sitting meditation classes.


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