Zubin Atré

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Zubin Atré’s yoga practice comes from an awareness of the human anatomy that he directs towards his students’ wellbeing. A few sessions with Zubin Atré help students identify specific target areas through which he designs customised combinations of yoga postures.

Understanding the physics of force and movement behind asanas helps Zubin Atré take students through his series safely. With his perceptive and skillful adjustments, students find asanas easier to perform and can breathe easily in the poses and benefit from them more effectively.

His enthusiasm for his practice has led Zubin Atré to translate yoga into creative and customized programs aimed at specific goals. He has promoted the benefits of practicing yoga on the sports field as well as at corporate workspaces. Basic yoga routines such as the suryanamaskar have been broken down in Zubin Atré’s program Biomechanics of Suryanamaskar. He also frequently comes up with creative partnerships between yoga and other schools of thought and expression, leading to workshops such as sitar yoga and partner yoga.

Given that yoga promotes physical and mental well-being, Zubin Atré who is an empathic listener is able to advise on the therapeutic use of yoga. To this end, he has also worked on improving employee health in workplaces and promoting communication between individuals.

Owing to an interest in philosophy and scholarship, Zubin Atré also produces articles on yoga, develops on yoga philosophy, and provides in-person and institutional consultancy. He is a regular contributor to The Outdoor Journal for which he produces targeted articles such as Yoga for Skiers and Yoga for Rockclimbers.

Distilling his 7,000 hours of yoga teaching experience into a precise science, Zubin Atré has now developed the Atré Yoga series. This set of 42 asanas is designed with variations that help students address their individual needs. Zubin Atré is soon to come up with a publication on this unique method.

When asked to describe himself, Zubin Atré is likely to say that he teaches yoga, lives in Delhi, has studied business, and loves dogs and travel.