Zuzana Belakova

St Ives , Cambridge
United Kingdom

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Yoga? That’s a fancy word for stretching, right?

I haven’t always been into yoga. Touching my toes was a hilarious concept and at least 25 years had passed since I’d been upside down in an attempt to stand on my head. Despite that I somehow decided to give this yoga thing a go…

I was born in Slovakia, and moved to UK 14 years ago. It took me two Master degrees in Economics ( Slovakia) and in International business (UK) to realise that the corporate world is not for me. I love sun, sea and mangoes. And I like to wander. All pretty good pre-requisites to quit my job and off to the world, eat-pray-love style, and do yoga, of course :)

Few years later, I found myself in Nepal, doing my TT with the Akshi Yogashala school from Rishikeksh, India. Bikram Hot Yoga TT in Cambridge, UK followed. Classes, workshops, trainings with inspirational teachers round the world…Forever student, here am I today, still giving it a

At my classes I try to put emphasis on correct physical alignment and understanding of the uniqueness of each persons body. By studying the anatomy within the yoga poses we can achieve a better alignment and safer practice.

Classes are focused on correct use of breath and a deeper sense of self-awareness, allowing students to safely explore their physical limits, allowing them to arrive at the posture that is comfortable and safe, reminding them to be grounded and respectful of their own limitations through their practice.


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