Full Wheel Pose by Hannah Leigh

Hannah Leigh

Atlanta, GA, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States 9 October 2016 Short URL :

I was visiting Colorado for over a month, and this was taken two days before I left. I had set so many expectations for myself over the trip, and when it was ending I had started to feel like a failure because I hadn’t completed all of my “to-do” lists. I grabbed my camera, put my running shoes on and got out and decided to just start running until I felt better. I found this beautiful trail, and while anxious and out of breath I stopped to take in all the beauty that was around me. With a deep breath, I put my camera down, took my sweater off and just started stretching and doing yoga to still my mind and to be present. I am not one to normally use a self timer, but my trip was ending, and I had no photos of myself… I tested the lighting with one shot, and this was the first attempt at shooting myself. I looked at it and almost cried because I realized that my expectations for myself were getting in the way of recognizing how much I had actually accomplished, and while I had not planned to have this type of photo of myself, it was perfect (mostly because it was NOT what I had planned).