Iyengar Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world - September, 2020

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Iyengar: Developed by B.K.S Iyengar, this style of yoga is known for great attention to detail and focus on alignment, the precise way in which the body should be positioned to obtain the maximum benefits in each pose and avoid injury. A typical Iyengar class moves at a gentle pace and encourages students to penetrate deeper into each pose with adjustments given by the teacher. Poses (especially standing postures) are held for a longer amount of time than in other yoga styles and students are shown how to use props (such as straps, blankets, and blocks) to bring the body into alignment and to help accommodate special needs such as injuries or structural imbalances. This style of yoga is great for beginners, and it emphasizes the development of strength, flexibility, and balance. Iyengar Yoga aims to unite the body, mind, and spirit to promote well-being. Iyengar teachers complete an intense and rigorous 2-5 year training program for certification.

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